Geologica generates ores and minerals as specific types of deposits. They are listed here, along with their location and ores and minerals they contain.

Deposit Location Ores/Minerals
Misc. igneous veins Varies Cassiterite, chalcopyrite, chromite, cinnabar, magnetite, stibnite, alunite, perlite, realgar, quartz, gold
Misc. sedimentary beds Varies Coal, pyrolusite, diatomite, glauconite, apatite, zeolite, fuller's earth, kaolinite
Serpentine Volcanic, oceanic, continental (50%) Chrysotile (0.9%), soapstone (10%), pentlandite (0.5%), magnesite (1%)
Marine evaporite Plains, desert, wasteland Limestone, gypsum (5% celestine), rock salt
Lake evaporite Desert, wasteland Trona (70%), mirabilite (15%), borax (15%), with rock salt and gypsum
Pegmatite Volcanic, inland (50%) Spodumene (7%), muscovite (5%), kyanite (5%), lepidolite (2.5%), tantalite (2%), cassiterite (1.5%),  wolframite (1%), emerald (1%), pollucite (0.1%)
Carbonatite Shield volcano, mesa Bastnasite (5%), apatite (5%), vermiculite (4%), chalcopyrite (2.5%), barite (2.5%)
SEDEX Non-volcanic Chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, scheelite, barite
Skarn Non-volcanic Sphalerite, galena, 50/50 magnesite vermiculite, magnetite, chalcopyrite (30% malachite), wollastonite, scheelite, lapis
Carbonate Non-volcanic Magnesite, soapstone, wollastonite, sphalerite/galena/barite
Layered Intrusion Volcanic, others (50%) Chromite, ilmenite, pentlandite, magnetite (w/ vanadium), vermiculite
VMS Ocean, folded (50%) Chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, gold
BIF Frozen, ocean, inland (50%) Hematite, often chalcopyrite and gold beneath
Porphyry Diorite Breccia w/ chalcopyrite (20%), molybdenite (10%)
Volcanic ash Volcanic, badlands (50%) Volcanic ash, pumice, bentonite
Placer Beach, river Cassiterite sand, basaltic/granitic mineral sands, garnet sand
Laterite Tropics Bauxite, limonite (often serpentine w/ garnierite beneath)
Kimberlite Pipes Diamonds
Cuprite Pipes Redstone (80%), chalcopyrite (20%)
Fumaroles Felsic volcanic Gypsum (60%), rock salt (30%), realgar (10%)

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